Step 1

Use the booking form below to send an email or message on Facebook to book an appointment to discuss your wedding gown. From there, we can FaceTime or Skype our first appointment where we can discuss what you are after. I will guide you with fabric choices, colours and styles to suit your body shape.

Step 2

After the initial appointment, I will draw up your dress so you can see where the design likes will be and also have colour choices available for you. I will send you fabric samples once we have set the design and fabrics, I will then send you a quote for your gown.

Step 3

Then I will send you the measurements I need to make your gown; I suggest having measurements taken professionally, if you cannot do that if you can grab a friend and FaceTime me so I can see where they are measuring to make it an easier process. Then it’s a 50% deposit and I will make your gown.

Step 4

From here its approximately 4 months until your gown will be ready. Once it is ready I will send you photos of your gown. Then if you are happy with the gown, the remainder will need to be paid and then I will send you the gown. It can take between 2/4 weeks to receive your gown after it is sent.

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